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BUY RORY'S BOOKa rebel and a runner

'A Rebel and a Runner' is a 164pp paperback book about the life and adventures of Ultra-Runner, Rory Coleman. It's an honest account of 23 years of extreme running that covers 1,000 marathons, 14 Marathon des Sables and 9 Guinness World Records.

If you are looking for inspiration for your next event, you'll find it here as it covers the highs and lows of one individual's life journey.

‘If you have entered the Marathon des Sables, Rory Coleman is the only choice for coaching, advice and all round expertise when it comes to preparing for the event. His knowledge of the race is unsurpassable and his book is a great insight into what’s needed to complete it.' - Sir Ranulph Fiennes
'I would urge anyone contemplating the MdS or a challenging life journey to read this book to understand what it takes to get you from the start line to the medal.’ - Steve Diederich, Run Ultra